A solid infrastructure is the base of your business. We understand the value of a well planned infrastructure; be it on-premise or on the cloud.

In today’s business world, technology powers most of our everyday functions. Servers, workstations, tablets, cellphones, all play a part in making sure organizations are functioning at a high level and meeting their goals. Some of those goals can include, customer service improvements, going to market faster, reaching clients at a global scale, or just improvement of internal processes. Having a solid infrastructure can take businesses and government agencies to the next level of technical performance.

Our infrastructure services are geared toward designing, implementing, and maintaining a sound infrastructure in your organization. Be it in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment, Fuxebox makes sure that your information technology works to help your organization attain its goals.

 Some of the outcomes are:

  • Making sure that the right solution is tailored, having in mind the specific needs of your organization. No entity is the same; why should your IT solution be a generic one?
  • Having a trusted advisor that can improve processes and procedures used to maintain your organization’s infrastructure.
  • Reducing downtime and improving response time in day-to-day IT issues.

System Engineering & Integration

Our systems engineering and integration services draw on our experience in providing innovative solutions to our customers in the government and commercial sectors. We strive to design infrastructure solutions that are the right fit for your organization and can provide a solid foundation for the growth of your organization.

As part of our services we:

  • Help integrate technology within your organization so they can communicate and improve processes.
  • Provide solutions to existing complex infrastructure problems.
  • Our comprehensive approach allows us to improve upon existing systems, design new systems, or use a hybrid approach so that existing systems can coexist with newly designed technologies.

IT Strategy & Modernization

Fuxebox provides services that scale from small to large-scale organizations. Being a trusted partner to design infrastructure that will be sound, effective, and secure is one of the main goals of our services. At Fuxebox we are able to manage your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment from the design stages to production. From end-users to high availability mission-critical systems we can provide industry-leading solutions.

Our experts can help with:

  • Planning and organizing the vision of your organization’s infrastructure for the future with our Virtual CTO service.
  • Help with migrations to the Azure cloud.
  • Designing solutions that provide high availability and redundancy.
  • Assisting with end-of-life infrastructure replacements.
  • Backups and disaster recovery.

Helpdesk & Support

Day-to-day operations of your IT department require lots of effort and expertise. At Fuxebox we take care of your infrastructure and operations by providing a proactive approach to your IT issues. We provide onsite and remote support while also providing continuous monitoring and high-quality customer support:

  • Provide quality managed services that scale from small departments to mid-sized organizations.
  • Centralized or remote help desk support.
  • Proactive device monitoring.
  • Workstation and device cloud backup.


Training is essential in the day-to-day operations of a business or organization. We provide customized and relevant training to organizations so they can make sure their employees and leadership are up to date with the latest technologies, processes, and procedures.

  • IT Onboarding training.
  • End-User training.
  • Technical skills development training.

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