The threat of a cyber attack is not something exclusive to celebrities and big corporations. Protect your business from tomorrow’s threats.

Hundreds of terabytes are exchanged every minute of every day on the internet. The data flowing through the information superhighway is unstoppable, and so are the threats. Viruses, malware, and ransomware [among others] are a constant hazard for all types of businesses.

Having an expert cybersecurity staff has become an essential part of any business trying to thrive in this risky environment. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have enough resources to have their in-house cybersecurity staff.

Fuxebox provides flexible and affordable services that allow your business to stay safe and sound in this modern and menacing environment.

Our solutions are highly adaptable and pursue the overall improvement of the organization’s processes. Some of the outcomes are:

  • Improving organizational understanding of the weaknesses within their processes, infrastructure, and business practices.
  • Reducing the cybersecurity risk footprint.
  • Creating a new cybersecurity practice or improving an existing one.
  • Helping create a path to compliance with many of the required cybersecurity frameworks (FedRAMP, CMMC, NIST).
  • Increasing cybersecurity awareness with executive and user training.

Cyber Suite is our line of services geared toward making sure your business has a strong cybersecurity foundation. We help businesses and government agencies improve their cybersecurity with a 360-degree approach to information systems security.

Risk Advisory

Be it for compliance requirements or to improve the cybersecurity of your company or agency, Risk Advisory services are helpful to identify what your infrastructure risk areas are. We can help determine the risk footprint of your organization and what risks could arise if vulnerabilities are not remediated.

As part of our Risk Advisory services, we:

  • Perform risk assessments and gap analysis to determine the current security posture of your organization and identify areas of improvement.
  • Provide assistance with audit requirements of your cybersecurity practices. Some of the frameworks that we can help with include FedRAMP, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53, and Sabarnes Oxley compliance requirements.
  • CMMC and DFARS Compliance services are geared towards government contractors that currently are bound by the CMMC implementation. Our holistic approach is designed to achieve compliance, pass the CMMC audit, and improve your organization’s overall security.

Cyber Task Force

All plans need to be implemented. Our Cyber Task Force program provides the dynamic implementation of the techniques devised during an assessment or gap analysis. Our approach helps organizations better understand their cybersecurity program’s day-to-day operations and implement continuous monitoring, diagnostics, and mitigation practice.

As part of our Cyber Task Force services we:

  • Create a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly continuous monitoring practice that dramatically improves the organization’s security practices.
  • Our managed security services monitor and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Our services streamline compliance with various frameworks (NIST, CMMC, FedRAMP) by performing, documenting, and tracking required tasks under these frameworks.
  • Enhanced monitoring and response.
  • Provide virtual CISO services.

Cyber IQ

Every business or government agency is at risk of a cyber-attack. The first step to improve your organization’s cybersecurity practices is to understand your adversary and its techniques. Having an educated organization will reduce cybersecurity risks and improve the security posture of your organization.

Our Cyber IQ experts, along with our trusted partners, can provide you with:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Role-based training.
  • Privileged user training.
  • C-Suite training for leadership.
  • CMMC training.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are usually words organizations hear when discussing cybersecurity. At Fuxebox we always invite our customers to think about security beyond compliance. One thing is to comply with certain requirements and check some boxes, but compliance is nothing if it’s not thought about from a security perspective. Some of our additional security and compliance services include:

  • Cloud governance.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • System Security plans.
  • Plan of Actions and Milestones.
  • Evidence and artifact gathering.
  • Trusted advisor services.

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