About Us

Founded in 2017, Fuxebox is driven by its goal of delivering exceptional IT services to various industries, including U.S. federal and state agencies, the government contracting community, and commercial organizations.

Fuxebox’s success has led to the expansion of a separate line of business – Fuxebox Financial – which focuses on providing specialized services in the areas of government contract compliance, general bookkeeping services, managed payroll, ethics, and tax services.



Fuxebox is committed to the professional growth and self-improvement of its employees.


Fuxebox understands the impact that organizations can have on society, and as such, the company is invested in helping communities by taking an active role in local opportunities.


Fuxebox firmly believes that human capital is the driver of innovation in small businesses.


To become a leader of technology innovation and to provide answers to today’s most complex technology challenges.


To create technology solutions that have a positive impact on our community, customers, and employees.


Our team of experts has provided high-quality solutions for more than 20 years, with a balanced mix of experience in cybersecurity, cloud services, user experience, design, and software development.


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Call us at (571) 352-0631, email us at info@fuxebox.com, or use the provided form.